Mind Entertainment Showcase 005: The Housetrap

Unsere neue Homebase. Es darf gefeiert werden.

Mind Entertainment presents 6 from our long time resident Djs .:. And we still like to dance & party ;)

6 DJs / 6 Styles / 6 KW Soundsystem
Visuals & Decorations: Big surprise!
Outdoor Area: First Start!

House Trap Flyer

Location: Adopted / Prepared Kulturschmelze https://www.facebook.com/VZKGRaum

Open: 18:00

DJs in play order from 20:00:

- Sunshine696
- Punyo & Nartana
- Marco di Mare
- Joe Black
- Mike Michalsky
- Richard Steinschlag & Estelle


Outdoor: Fresh Burgers (beef or vegetarian) with many extras, fries, handmade sauces, and new selected snacks

Indoor: Kulturschmelze & Christella's Musicouch - With the legendary handmade ENERGYBALLs & Coffee / Wine Selection - very reasonable prizes - Support the place

Location hints:

- Come to Party and Chill
- Don't bring own drinks or food
- Bring your own smoking stuff. We sell no cigarettes or papers or anything you could need. Shopping: 3 minutes from location, whatever you need
- Bring no stress, drugs or weapons
- Respect other people, location, technic and the crew behind
- Stay with us as long as you like

5 Euro Entry Fee - MindE Club Members: Free - Request Membership Details at the Support Desk

Yes, we have a facebook event and Mind Entertainment Page. Use it wisely: https://www.facebook.com/events/448171275337726/

Location: Kulturschmelze 1210 Wien

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